Huntington Packaging, Inc.

Labels¬†¬† &  Hangtags

The first impression to your buyer is the only one you have. With the right medium to reach your client, your hang tag can make or break your image


We know that no one should be excluded from the market because they do not meet the requirements or cannot afford barcodes. We make it possible for business of any size.


Relabeling your apparel and quality control checks assists you to raise the bar of your line's excellence, our team are experts in kepping your standards high.


Key chains, printed leave-behinds, zipper pulls and other metal accessories are not out of our range. Let us help you add the finishing touches for you.


Huntington Packaging, Inc., is a primary packaging and garment identification resource located in the heart of the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles.

27 years of experience definitely sets anybody ahead of competition, but we endure by providing quality execution and customer satisfaction. With the ever changing business society and printing technology, we look forward to providing a sample and competitive quote for you.

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